Let me explain... no there is no time, let me sum up

  • Qog is not dead! Captured by Githyanki and rescued by other kind of Gith who want to fight the Githyanki.
  • War with Gith looming, humans need to find allies quickly.
  • Godfrey sending emissaries to the Elves.
  • Orcs hunting demon cows ‘food beasts’ from some kind of giant hellish portal.
  • Other than Grimfang’s tribe no other Orcs know that Qog is still alive and they would like to keep it that way. Grimfang and Scorn wanted to use Qog’s death as a symbol for the Orcs to rally behind and being captured, not killed, is shameful in Orc culture.
  • Callista has been banned from the Temple by a high-ranking priest of Kord who disapproves of her.
  • City of Garrioch is gone, lots of necromancy involved, giant crater left behind. Simi decided to roll down into it.
  • Dwarves also gone, deeper into the mountains after a message from dwarf god. After a brief search and an encounter with mushroom people it looks like they’ve gone to try and find other dwarves who live further into the mountains.



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