A Death In the Family

The party were attacked by the Elf-like Gith warriors, but valiantly struck them down.

After searching the cave network, Asper discovered an underwater passage which lead to a makeshift laboratory. Here, they discovered a group of Gnome’s who had been forced to create the “Green Welcome” brew by the Gith.

The Everwood Avengers rigged the lab to explode and made good their escape back through the caves, taking the captive Gnomes with them.

Upon making their way back to the exit of the caves, the supports began to give way under the stress caused by the exploding alchemical lab. Barring their exit were yet more Gith warriors, accompanied by their apparent leader.

As the group ran for the exit, Qog fought to hold back the Gith leader and buy the others some time to escape. Continuing to battle as the caves collapsed around him, Qog became trapped inside the labyrinth as the others escaped to the surface



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