Raf Blackheart


Dauntless and a self-confessed rascal, Raf swaggers about life seemingly untouched by the pandaemonium that she so often causes. Once an invisible mischief-maker in Everwood, Raf is now a notorious, yet oddly good-humoured pirate. Her morals may be questionable, her sobriety a distant memory and her common sense lost somewhere at sea with her virginity, but Raf does have some principles and an unwavering loyalty to her loved ones. This, however, is merely buried beneath various levels of kleptomania, sass and a complete disregard for consequences, or indeed her own life.

Physically, Raf cuts a striking figure, carrying herself with a confidence her younger sister lacks, and dressing to draw attention. The leather armour adorning her curves seems to have been designed with the sole purpose of accentuating, rather than protecting its bold wearer. Raf’s person is perhaps more accurately adorned with stolen jewels than clothing. Both hands are covered in rings and several gold chains disappear into her cleavage. She has also acquired numerous piercings in her ears, as well as a gold ring in both her nose and left eyebrow.
With her wide, dark eyes and mane of red hair, Raf would perhaps be beautiful, were it not for the scar gained when her former captors attempted to remove her tongue. The small scar runs from the left corner of her mouth, creating, a permanently impish, if slightly sinister, grin.


Named after a soldier who sacrificed his life for her father’s, Rafaella “Raf” Blackheart is Callista’s elder sister, believed to have perished during Flamewing’s attack upon the village.
Drawn to chaos from an early age, Raf spent her childhood honing her skills as Everwood’s greatest prankster. As Raf matured, she left behind her a string of picked pockets, destroyed property, bewildered farmers and bruised egos. Her hobbies miraculously went undiscovered due to a combination of great acting skills on her part, and her parents being otherwise occupied by Callista.
Eventually, Everwood became too small a playground for Raf’s tastes. She spent several months flirting with the son of one of her father’s military acquaintances and convinced the young man to elope with her to the City. They made their bid for freedom the night before Flamewing attacked, however unfortunately for Raf, her suitor’s intentions were no more honourable than her own. Having racked up serious gambling debts, the gentleman in question took Raf to a port town where he handed her over to some pirates.
Unsurprisingly, Raf quickly took to piracy, a career path where she is able to put all of her talents to good use. Following a mutiny, she is co-first mate aboard The Chancer’s Hand- when the mood so takes her. More often than not, she can be found in the ship’s crow’s nest, enjoying her ill-gotten gains with a man on her arm and a bottle of rum in hand. She did have a special hammock, but there was an incident involving Callista and Pyros.

Raf Blackheart

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