Spellfire Sorceror


Denna is a quieter member of the company. Like Qog she did not live in the home village of the other party members so she still feels slightly out of place around them. However she owed them her life after they saved her and the rest of the Dwarvish caravan she was travelling with from some Dwarf-Ant hybrids.

Denna came from a well-respected but not necessarily wealthy family in a small town. From the age of 12 her parents decided she would learn sorcery. Nothing very interesting happened until she was about 15. A group of boys were pestering her and she lost her temper. Silvery flames appeared in her hands and she accidentally set fire to one of the boys shirt sleeves. The boy was more startled than anything and there were minor burns but Denna was cast out from the town as she was perceived to be dangerous. She wandered around for a long time, using her sorcery as a workable trade. She was eventually recruited by the Dwarves to protect caravans as Dwarves don’t have many sorcerers. She was accepted into their society after a while and she began to learn Dwarvish. During one journey the caravans were attacked by the Dwarf-Ant hybrids.


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