Standing at just over six feet tall, Aspar is a rangy, wiry young man. Dark haired, with a light unkempt beard and an eyepatch over one eye, Aspar cuts a somewhat scruffy figure. Keen observers may notice that his eyepatch will occasionally inexplicably emit a curl of smoke. Aspar generally wears worn travel clothing, including a cloak and sturdy leather boots. A hint of a very thin chainmail under his clothes can be seen at his neck. Aspar is almost never seen without his bow and quiver, and usually carries a sword and dagger as well. Never one to sit still for long, he tends to fidget and continually scan his surroundings, as if restless to be off towards the horizon.

In person, Aspar can be blunt at times but is a generally polite and pleasant young man, and shows a strong faith and a commitment to his values. With the destruction of his village his friends with whom he travels are the most important people in his life, and he is fiercely loyal towards and protective of them.


Aspar’s Journal

My hand feels heavy as I lift this quill. it seems I only open this tome to record grief, torment, loss. Perhaps I should make more of an effort to note the good things in my life. Perhaps I should give up and burn the wretched thing. But no. There should be an accounting of me and those who were dear to me. When I’m just more dirt on the ground, perhaps these pages will remain in some library. Perhaps we will be remembered.

I realise that I’m avoiding writing about what has happened. Part of me doesn’t want to, it’s too painful. But that’s cowardice, and that was never his way. I won’t let it be mine either. Qog is gone. My friend, my brother in arms, in some ways my mentor. Lost saving us all, and some poor wretched gnomes captured by the Githyanki. I miss him. We are all diminished by his loss. I feel like the heart of our little group, our little family, has been ripped from us. We will never again be the same. I know that we will heal in time, if we live, but the scar will remain.

Even so, I will go on. I will honour Qog’s memory by continuing his work. I will help however I can, making the world a better place one step at a time, regardless of race or creed. Qog saw beyond that. I will too.

However, there will be a reckoning with the Githyanki. I do not yet understand these creatures. I know how they are put together, but I don’t know how they think. I don’t understand why they attacked us, or why they engineered the production and distribution of Green Welcome. But I will. And in knowing my enemy I will destroy them. I will find them. I will kill them. I will not allow them to do further harm, not if there is any way that I can stop them. This is my vow. If they are listening, if they read these pages, if they use some foul magick to spy on me, let them tremble. They are marked, and their time fast approaches.


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