Garrioch - The incursion

Having returned from the slaying of the red scaled menace, the Everwood Avengers have assisted in brokering a tentative peace with the displaced orc tribes who inhabit the land to the south.

The have taken it upon themselves to investigate a new drug that is growing in popularity in the town of Exag, as it is impacting the towns already strained ability to provide for the inhabitants.

The drug, named “Green Welcome”, affects the users with a sense of bliss and vitality.

Having taken rooms at Hassans Guesthouse, the party spent time discussing events with Hassan, and the other 2 people present in the tavern room. Jamesson, a young man awaiting the arrival of is beloved Annabelle was less than forthcoming, whilst William, an old man sitting by the fire warned them of strange plant creatures he had seen at night. However, this was quite possibly the ravings of an old drunk.

Scouting around the town, the party stumbled upon a group of townsfolk gathered around the wall of a nearby building. A strange, humanoid plant creature in their midst. It’s gaze seemed to affect the townsfolk with a strange calm, as well as those party members who met its gaze. Averting his eyes, Qog slew the creature, raising the question – where did it come from…



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