Let me explain... no there is no time, let me sum up
  • Qog is not dead! Captured by Githyanki and rescued by other kind of Gith who want to fight the Githyanki.
  • War with Gith looming, humans need to find allies quickly.
  • Godfrey sending emissaries to the Elves.
  • Orcs hunting demon cows ‘food beasts’ from some kind of giant hellish portal.
  • Other than Grimfang’s tribe no other Orcs know that Qog is still alive and they would like to keep it that way. Grimfang and Scorn wanted to use Qog’s death as a symbol for the Orcs to rally behind and being captured, not killed, is shameful in Orc culture.
  • Callista has been banned from the Temple by a high-ranking priest of Kord who disapproves of her.
  • City of Garrioch is gone, lots of necromancy involved, giant crater left behind. Simi decided to roll down into it.
  • Dwarves also gone, deeper into the mountains after a message from dwarf god. After a brief search and an encounter with mushroom people it looks like they’ve gone to try and find other dwarves who live further into the mountains.
A Death In the Family

The party were attacked by the Elf-like Gith warriors, but valiantly struck them down.

After searching the cave network, Asper discovered an underwater passage which lead to a makeshift laboratory. Here, they discovered a group of Gnome’s who had been forced to create the “Green Welcome” brew by the Gith.

The Everwood Avengers rigged the lab to explode and made good their escape back through the caves, taking the captive Gnomes with them.

Upon making their way back to the exit of the caves, the supports began to give way under the stress caused by the exploding alchemical lab. Barring their exit were yet more Gith warriors, accompanied by their apparent leader.

As the group ran for the exit, Qog fought to hold back the Gith leader and buy the others some time to escape. Continuing to battle as the caves collapsed around him, Qog became trapped inside the labyrinth as the others escaped to the surface

The Mightiest Hunter Strikes Again

The day after Simi had spotted the mysterious tall figure, Asper went to the urchins and managed to acquire the woman’s possessions. The most significant of these was a locket with a (not very well) drawn picture of the man in the bar who Callista had pestered previously. It would seem that the woman he was waiting for may have been the plant creature. When they got back to the bar there was no sign of the young man.

Asper talked Silverfang (who is the mightiest hunter) into trying to track down either the gnomes or the mysterious tall person. After some slight wording issues they took Silverfang to the rough area where the man was last seen. Silverfang picked up a strange scent which led them to part of the sewers. After some investigating and crawling through a very smelly tunnel they come across a natural cavern full of what you might expect in a sewer. There was a large pile in the centre of the room which appeared to have something moving in it. As Qog went to throw a rock towards it a large tentacled creature jumped out from it and attacked. It was killed quickly and after some more investigation of the cavern they found three passages leading out from the cavern. One of these led to another cavern full of dead bodies and one of these was a gnome who was separate from the others. Some of these bodies had mould on them but the tunnel was unstable so Asper only managed to retrieve the gnome’s body. Another passage led to another cavern where there were 3 bug like creatures that Asper managed to identify as bugs which would rust any metal that they came into contact with. These were tied to posts with hemp rope so they were killed by firing arrows and spells at them from a distance. From this cavern there was another passage which led into a room with some mats on the floor. As the party entered they spotted 6 of the elf type creatures they had encountered in Occipitus. These were obviously waiting for the party and when they entered the room the elves charged.

A not so Green Welcome
The Incursion

Having slain the weird plant creature which threatened them, the Everwood Avengers, discovered that it had previously been a human female. Current theory is that the Green Welcome is somehow responsible for this transformation.

In an attempt to gain information about the unfortunate girl and her transformation, Asper tracked down the urchins who has pilfered her belongings, and arranged to pay them for their return.

In addition, the party spoke to Pan’Phar, an alchemist who sells Green Welcome, who advised that he obtains his supply from some gnomes. He was unsure where they could be found though.

During all of this, Simi kept a lonely vigil atop the roofs, spotting some furtive meetings between towns folk, and some taller, lankier “other” person…

Garrioch - The incursion

Having returned from the slaying of the red scaled menace, the Everwood Avengers have assisted in brokering a tentative peace with the displaced orc tribes who inhabit the land to the south.

The have taken it upon themselves to investigate a new drug that is growing in popularity in the town of Exag, as it is impacting the towns already strained ability to provide for the inhabitants.

The drug, named “Green Welcome”, affects the users with a sense of bliss and vitality.

Having taken rooms at Hassans Guesthouse, the party spent time discussing events with Hassan, and the other 2 people present in the tavern room. Jamesson, a young man awaiting the arrival of is beloved Annabelle was less than forthcoming, whilst William, an old man sitting by the fire warned them of strange plant creatures he had seen at night. However, this was quite possibly the ravings of an old drunk.

Scouting around the town, the party stumbled upon a group of townsfolk gathered around the wall of a nearby building. A strange, humanoid plant creature in their midst. It’s gaze seemed to affect the townsfolk with a strange calm, as well as those party members who met its gaze. Averting his eyes, Qog slew the creature, raising the question – where did it come from…

What has gone before
Dragons Breath

Everwood perished, in flames..

The stout survivors banded together, and made their way to the big city, to train and prepare for their vengeance.

This has been met out, with the lizard responsible for destroying their life now dead before them.

Along the way they lost and gained companions, travelled the planes and wrought a great change on the landscape. Time will tell what challenges they will face in the future.


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